Saturday, November 26, 2005

Scammers and Hackers

Well, it appears I got some interesting spam in the mail today, especially the spoofed email from the FBI, thats rich. :) I used a test machine to open the attachment and the hilarious after effects, a totally crippled PC. It looks like idiots are turning towards spoofing the people that are hunting them. The test machine has since then been scraped and deleted.

Its really pathetic how people will pull the lowest tricks to get browny points in the spam department, are people that desperate for money that they will risk putting themselves in prison for a good 20 years to accomplish their deeds?

Ah here we go, I did some googling and found this... News:FBI warns of mass emails.

As stated earlier this confirms my theory about the virtual machine being trashed. One thing to remember is if you get any email from the FBI it is likely a virus, do NOT open it.

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