Saturday, November 26, 2005

Weird Dreams & Other Randomness

Well its been an interesting night.. Woke up after having 6 consecutive dreams about the same subject. (Woke up 5 times from them) Odd, it must mean something but Im not into trying to translate dreams and their meanings. Anyways, I decided to throw my blog url to some buddies and make my own little blog link list on my page. It'll continue to grow of course if I decide to "add" more friends. :)

Oh yeah, I decided to take moderation off of my comments, so anyone is free to comment, you don't need an account to view and post in my blog which is exactly what I had wanted from a blog from the begining. :)

Hahaha, I left it on but I lied about it being moderated, I got some interesting crap in the comments. :P

Comments and Posts are subject to moderation BEFORE they are posted online, if they don't appear appropriate, they are deleted.

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