Thursday, December 29, 2005

Changing The Subject Matter

Well, I've decided to change the subject matter of my blog from Vista related crap, to more personal stuff. For those rare few who do read my blog from time to time, I'll have Vista related stuff from time to time.

Firstly though, I've become less and less active in the beta community.. Why you ask? Well, I'm trying to find a good forum to settle into and concentrate on posts there, and IeX was a pretty decent forum. Granted the sluggishness of its active members, the constant banter of its nerdy members, and the over-active mods and admins whome constantly restrict people's opinions.Been considering a few forums actually, JCXP and AeroXP being two of those, aswell as BetaXP, who needs an active news poster. Oh well, I'll figure it out sooner or later.

As for finding a gift for my girlfriend, I have it all ordered and ready to go to send out once I send them the money. Wallscrolls, anime wallscrolls to be Oh well, I'm sure my baby will love it.

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Duh? said...

Anything Anime I will LOVE, silly boy