Sunday, December 04, 2005

John's November Summary

Yup, here it is, December, In the geek world it meant closure to one of the crappiest months in the Windows Vista Beta. We had nothing going on, little communication from Microsoft and it was overrun with speculation about when the November CTP (Which was canceled for a more feature complete and stable December CTP) would come out. December will hopefully be much better as we are getting ready to do more feature focus work, as well as a really GOOD December CTP.

Paul "Self-Proclaimed Uber Caster" Thourrott At It Again

If I miss-spelt your name, oh well, cry. First of all, Microsoft has issued a warning saying that anyone who uses this leaked build, while in the Tech Beta, MVP or not, will be banned from current and future beta programs. I particularly don't blame them, considering that the build is broken and should not be out in the public, yet here he is, using it, most pathetically posting as many screenshots as he possibly can. I think its safe to say he shot himself in the foot on this one. His news tactics are less then desirable, fluffing his story up with the words.."Rumor" and "See it here first", and my absolute favorite "Yes, -Insert product name here-, will be released on -insert date here, usually a year later then the news post-."

Paul, some tips, and I'm certainly no news expert, but please watch what you post, considering that your posting an illegally leaked OS on a widely public news website, under your own name, since your an MVP, take a peak at the forums.. while you still can, because Microsoft isn't too pleased.


JCXP, or Jack(Ass ;p) leaked the build to the public, how nice. I just happen to know how it happened aswell, would you like to listen to the story? :)

Jack, whome is a self-proclaimed antagonist, had the build from another friend who got it from a Microsoft employee, whome probably isnt working at Redmond anymore. His plans to leak the build in a broader scale also spelt doom for his tech beta experiance. He originally hosted it on an FTP, and thus distro'd it to several other various friends in a valient, yet half-assed, attempt to torrent it. He eventually got it down though, posting a torrent on, with 1 seeder with a 2.5MBps upstream, and then decided to fling the crap about the net.

Now we know this guy from before, He's the dipshit who leaked the sidebar out and got barely a slap on the wrist. Now the sidebar is pretty much everywhere, 1 of 5 users are currently sporting sidebars on their Vista builds, and with a lil hack, on their xp machines.

To be perfectly honest, this kind of crap does not belong in the Tech beta community, hopefully Microsoft will implement tagged builds in future releases somehow. Kudos to them if they are on it already.

Well that pretty much sums up the most of it for the month of November, and while I recover from a car accident (don't ask). I'll continue to keep this space updated with better postings as I get them. :)

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