Friday, December 30, 2005

OMG 2 more days & other things

LoL Yes, I'm making a post during the day time, believe it or not. Anyways, two more days till New Years 2006, personally this year was particularly boring. NOTHING personal happened, it was like 2005 was a duplicate of 2004. Meh, hopefully that will change next year. Atleast the beta community got some interesting stuff in 2005, and it'll deffinatly be interesting in 2006. A few things will be released in 2006 that most people will be interested in..

Nintendo Revolution
Legend of Zelda The Twilight Princess
Playstation 3
Windows Live Messenger (MSN 8 Rebranding)
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (And half a dozen of its little brothers)

:D I seriously cannot wait till we are in the thick of 2006...

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