Saturday, February 18, 2006

Screwy Weather Strikes Again

Well yeah, here it is, 60 F, warm, balmy and nice, the next day its 30, with snow warnings coming in everywhere. I'm used to winter, typical winters, where our area usually gets about 20 inches of snow per winter, and temps hitting 20 above zero at the lowest.

Now we have a winter where we get 50 as the normal, then 60 to 70 as the heat wave in January, and Febuary. To be honest it's totally screwed up, and it was sudden to. I have no idea weither or not its Global Warming, or some other force of nature at work.

My girlfriend felt the same kind of bizarre weather pattern, but she's up in Tonawanda/Buffalo area, so they are used to having snow pretty much all the time in winter. The past few weeks they're temps have been in the 30's to 40's and even 50's in some areas, now its down to 10's and 20's with snow on the ground.

Anyways, my gripe is that something is seriously wrong with the weather patterns, and cueing into the extreme hurricane season we had, for the first time we not only ran out of hurricane names, but we reached up to Zeta as a tropical storm. Also the freak storms, Hurricane Katrina, and Rita which battered the Gulf of Mexico area.

I've been saying this time and time again, we are going to have an interesting summer, since tempatures are naturally warmer, so warm that spring growing fruit have began to blossum, and Robins appear in December. We are going to see a summer unlike we have seen before, it's safe to assume that it will be hot as hell.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Oops, I went and shot myself a Republican"

As if it couldn't get worse for the Bush administration, another blunder comes rolling around the corner. Dick Cheney, the hardliner Vice President of the United States of America shot his fellow hunter in an accident. Seems pretty innocent right? Well then why did he wait 19 hours in order to inform the press? Was he waiting for him to die or something? Was he not going to tell the public if his hunting partner died?

To be honest, the way the story made it to the press was one of the most irresponsible plays of the Bush Presidency. Giving permission to a civilian to break the news story to a local paper, 19 hours after it happened. You think there would be some kind of rule against this sort of thing? Regardless of weither or not the guy comes out of it alive, although a sincerely wish he does, there will be an investigation into weither or not there were safety violations. We shall see soon enough.

Also, usually my sister does real life stories, I might start doing some of them on my own, as I want to take up a news posting position at my friend's forum. I used to do news at IeXBeta, before they drove me completely insane and I bitched out the admin. So yeah, incase you read this, I'll do the news for you in a week or so.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Woot, Writing interesting stuff this time!

Well, I've decided to stray away from Vista as my blog would make even the geekiest individual fall asleep. Instead I'll write about life.. and the other stuffs that happen.. Which there isnt much at all since I am currently off a semester whilst sorting out financial issues, and looking for a better job..

Well the blizzard, hit everywhere but here, personally I'm glad considering I don't do well in snow at all. As for Valentines day.. eh.. I sent my girlfriend and e-card, aside from that I dont have the means to get Carrie anything.. I wish I could send her a box of chocolates..-ponders-..

Mm.. Stirfry.. with noodles!

Yes, yuminess in a ... noodle form. I'm totally nuts about oriental dishes, particularly stirfry.

Well, I must be going, I'll be back to write in more detail when Im not burning my food. :D

Windows Live Messenger & Other Crap

Woot, havn't posted in a while, but here I am.. posting.. o.O

Anyways, let's see.. Catch up time.. Ah yes, Windows Live Messenger's face lift, the ugliest thing I've seen this side of Windows since Wincustomize's Theme Marathon..-shudders- uhh...

My sister got herself a account, I'll be posting that up in my "Friend's blogs" section, and I know I'm kicking myself in the nuts, but I doubt my g/f reads my blog. I got her a little web email card thing.. ._. -cheap-

Oh, and I finally got comments unmoderated, except now there is a word verification. Hopefully that'll cut down on the spam I get in my comments..fucking money hungry weazles..