Saturday, February 18, 2006

Screwy Weather Strikes Again

Well yeah, here it is, 60 F, warm, balmy and nice, the next day its 30, with snow warnings coming in everywhere. I'm used to winter, typical winters, where our area usually gets about 20 inches of snow per winter, and temps hitting 20 above zero at the lowest.

Now we have a winter where we get 50 as the normal, then 60 to 70 as the heat wave in January, and Febuary. To be honest it's totally screwed up, and it was sudden to. I have no idea weither or not its Global Warming, or some other force of nature at work.

My girlfriend felt the same kind of bizarre weather pattern, but she's up in Tonawanda/Buffalo area, so they are used to having snow pretty much all the time in winter. The past few weeks they're temps have been in the 30's to 40's and even 50's in some areas, now its down to 10's and 20's with snow on the ground.

Anyways, my gripe is that something is seriously wrong with the weather patterns, and cueing into the extreme hurricane season we had, for the first time we not only ran out of hurricane names, but we reached up to Zeta as a tropical storm. Also the freak storms, Hurricane Katrina, and Rita which battered the Gulf of Mexico area.

I've been saying this time and time again, we are going to have an interesting summer, since tempatures are naturally warmer, so warm that spring growing fruit have began to blossum, and Robins appear in December. We are going to see a summer unlike we have seen before, it's safe to assume that it will be hot as hell.


Carrie said...

I believe NOAA called this the official La Nina so that would describe the random warm temps.

And try really spring weather and then bam, the next day, windy cold and snowy! (really windy where I nearly blew away on my way to work!)

John said...

Yeah I know, its crazy.

Joseph said...

OT: This is temping me to start using my blogger account again. I want to write, but I'm so tired of all my different journals. I really should off my ass and make one.

John said...

LOL Yeah Joe, you should, ya bum (Just playing). Anyways yeah, I got tired of writing about Vista so this blog is active agian with random stuffs. :) Never realized how fun it was to blog.

Sioux said...

We've had the same off weather here in Texas...80 on Thursday, 30 on Friday..but no wet weather, and we need it!!

John said...

Yeah I bet Texas is REALLY dry, it sucks that you guys havnt gotten any rain recently.