Monday, February 13, 2006

Windows Live Messenger & Other Crap

Woot, havn't posted in a while, but here I am.. posting.. o.O

Anyways, let's see.. Catch up time.. Ah yes, Windows Live Messenger's face lift, the ugliest thing I've seen this side of Windows since Wincustomize's Theme Marathon..-shudders- uhh...

My sister got herself a account, I'll be posting that up in my "Friend's blogs" section, and I know I'm kicking myself in the nuts, but I doubt my g/f reads my blog. I got her a little web email card thing.. ._. -cheap-

Oh, and I finally got comments unmoderated, except now there is a word verification. Hopefully that'll cut down on the spam I get in my comments..fucking money hungry weazles..


Joseph said...

What, no screen shots?

John said...

lol, I'll post a links to public screenies here.

From, not my shots, but otheres, the NDA is strict and I don't want to risk anything.