Monday, February 13, 2006

Woot, Writing interesting stuff this time!

Well, I've decided to stray away from Vista as my blog would make even the geekiest individual fall asleep. Instead I'll write about life.. and the other stuffs that happen.. Which there isnt much at all since I am currently off a semester whilst sorting out financial issues, and looking for a better job..

Well the blizzard, hit everywhere but here, personally I'm glad considering I don't do well in snow at all. As for Valentines day.. eh.. I sent my girlfriend and e-card, aside from that I dont have the means to get Carrie anything.. I wish I could send her a box of chocolates..-ponders-..

Mm.. Stirfry.. with noodles!

Yes, yuminess in a ... noodle form. I'm totally nuts about oriental dishes, particularly stirfry.

Well, I must be going, I'll be back to write in more detail when Im not burning my food. :D


Joseph said...

Your just mad that I'm the only one that reads it :P

John said...

lmao, I didnt think anyone read it.

Guess Oo said...

Hehe, I read your blog silly^^

John said...

lol .. ^^