Friday, March 17, 2006

Yay - 3 Days Remaining

Well, let's see, three more days untill I leave Maryland and head on a little vacation with Joe, Carrie, and Katie. Excited, but not nervous, thought I'd be more nervous. Spent a good few days getting my stuff together for the trip, which will include two blue bins, and one backpack filled with stuff I'd like direct access to. I'm going to blog right down to the morning of the last day. :)

Ironically my mother and I mended our problems with each other, yet the main reason Im hitting the road and moving out is my sister, whome remains a bit more.. Yeah. I love hear dearly, but we don't get along too well. My mother's concern over not having a PC has been fixed, she gets a PC from the school. I guess she's done alot for them, and they've done alot for us, and will probably continue to do so untill we stop going.

I'm excited to see Carrie, her and I get along pretty well and we've had a good solid (Long distance) relationship, and I figure if it can work out this well over 500+ miles of space between us, our relationship will probably flourish when we are close to each other. We understand each other and know what ticks one another off, and thats the main reason we've been doing so well.

As for what I'm doing at the current moment, let's see. I spent a good three hours (Holy Crap!) Maconizing my desktop with Joe, which was entertaining. Now I'm listening to some net radio and blog hopping. :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

5 Days and Quiz - Weee

You scored as Anakin Skywalker.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Alot of changes, mostly good.

Well you know what happens when I don't post in a long time? Everything changes, thats what, and for the better too. I'll get started with the biggest thing thats happening to my life. I'm moving to Buffalo, staying with my girlfriend and her very kind family (10 damn hours drive to go on vacation and get me, nicest people on earth award there). It culimnated from a fight with my sister and mother and finally sitting down and coming to the revelation that I needed to strike out on my own, my life was dull and I need a good adventure, something I can tell stories about in the future. I believe this will happen soon, very soon. So Carrie, her sister, and her brother-in-law are coming down and picking me up, then taking me on vacation with them, and then finally resting up in Buffalo. YAY. :D

Another thing, I decided to start working on a Windowblinds 5 theme, toiled with it, and released version 0.1/0.2 of it and it was recieved VERY well, people loved it. So I continued my work and poped out Version 0.3 about twenty minutes ago. :) Let's hope thats recieved as well as the earlier versions.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ubuntu 5.10 + VMWare Player = Totally free

Well I'm glad this finally happened. Riding on the trend of Ubuntu Linux's totally free and open sourced approach, the guys over at VMWare put up a webpage linking not only to an already installed and ready to go Ubuntu 5.10 build, but the free VMWare Player to use it on. Making Ubuntu easier to use and totally free for XP and Linux users who do not wish to risk a full system install. I haven't given it the run through yet, but I'm excited to get started with it, as I've been looking for a way to run Ubuntu on VMWare easily for quite some time.

To get started, all that you need to do is download the pre-built Ubuntu Linux Install, then the free VMWare Player. This is only recomended for broadband users, as the Ubuntu image is well over 500MB, and the VMWare Player weighs in at 20MB. You can find the website containing the official information here.


As some of you might already tell, this is extremely outdated, please refer to the update post located here.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Meh... Update

Hmm, well here I am, updating my blog again. Haven't done so in a while. I've been trying to get a few things taken care of here, like trying to figure out how Im going to get up to buffalo with my PC in October, and what to get Carrie and when to send it. I've already picked up her gift, all I need to do is send it somehow.

This entry is basically a filler until I find something remotely interesting to write about. Vista testing seems to have come to a halt due to incompatibilities with my Monitor. I'll have to figure something out with that.

Ah and I finally got that little Nintendo wifi stick so I can get online with my DS. Darn best 40 dollar investment I've made yet. The DS is even better then it already is when it's online. :) Well I'll start writing my news stories sooner then later and hopefully I'll be more active in my blog from here on out.