Monday, March 13, 2006

Alot of changes, mostly good.

Well you know what happens when I don't post in a long time? Everything changes, thats what, and for the better too. I'll get started with the biggest thing thats happening to my life. I'm moving to Buffalo, staying with my girlfriend and her very kind family (10 damn hours drive to go on vacation and get me, nicest people on earth award there). It culimnated from a fight with my sister and mother and finally sitting down and coming to the revelation that I needed to strike out on my own, my life was dull and I need a good adventure, something I can tell stories about in the future. I believe this will happen soon, very soon. So Carrie, her sister, and her brother-in-law are coming down and picking me up, then taking me on vacation with them, and then finally resting up in Buffalo. YAY. :D

Another thing, I decided to start working on a Windowblinds 5 theme, toiled with it, and released version 0.1/0.2 of it and it was recieved VERY well, people loved it. So I continued my work and poped out Version 0.3 about twenty minutes ago. :) Let's hope thats recieved as well as the earlier versions.

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