Monday, March 06, 2006

Ubuntu 5.10 + VMWare Player = Totally free

Well I'm glad this finally happened. Riding on the trend of Ubuntu Linux's totally free and open sourced approach, the guys over at VMWare put up a webpage linking not only to an already installed and ready to go Ubuntu 5.10 build, but the free VMWare Player to use it on. Making Ubuntu easier to use and totally free for XP and Linux users who do not wish to risk a full system install. I haven't given it the run through yet, but I'm excited to get started with it, as I've been looking for a way to run Ubuntu on VMWare easily for quite some time.

To get started, all that you need to do is download the pre-built Ubuntu Linux Install, then the free VMWare Player. This is only recomended for broadband users, as the Ubuntu image is well over 500MB, and the VMWare Player weighs in at 20MB. You can find the website containing the official information here.


As some of you might already tell, this is extremely outdated, please refer to the update post located here.


muyenzo said...

Thanks for this info, it was really helpful coz i was having a lot of trouble installing ubuntu on vmware myself.

I have downloaded and opened the ubuntu with the vmware but each time i try to access the disk,it requests for a u have any idea what the password might be?

John-Hiroshi said...

That's really outdated, try this one.

It's the latest version of Ubuntu.