Friday, March 17, 2006

Yay - 3 Days Remaining

Well, let's see, three more days untill I leave Maryland and head on a little vacation with Joe, Carrie, and Katie. Excited, but not nervous, thought I'd be more nervous. Spent a good few days getting my stuff together for the trip, which will include two blue bins, and one backpack filled with stuff I'd like direct access to. I'm going to blog right down to the morning of the last day. :)

Ironically my mother and I mended our problems with each other, yet the main reason Im hitting the road and moving out is my sister, whome remains a bit more.. Yeah. I love hear dearly, but we don't get along too well. My mother's concern over not having a PC has been fixed, she gets a PC from the school. I guess she's done alot for them, and they've done alot for us, and will probably continue to do so untill we stop going.

I'm excited to see Carrie, her and I get along pretty well and we've had a good solid (Long distance) relationship, and I figure if it can work out this well over 500+ miles of space between us, our relationship will probably flourish when we are close to each other. We understand each other and know what ticks one another off, and thats the main reason we've been doing so well.

As for what I'm doing at the current moment, let's see. I spent a good three hours (Holy Crap!) Maconizing my desktop with Joe, which was entertaining. Now I'm listening to some net radio and blog hopping. :)

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