Monday, May 15, 2006 was good..& other things

Hm, well I started my training for work, went over really well since the training took place for about an hour, then I worked normally, learning as I work. It's really easy and the managment is excellent. I can deffinatly do this for eight hours a day, since the three hours flew by like it was nothing.

Anyways, onto the other important stuff, the possibility of moving in much sooner than expected and still have everything turned on and available. How? Well, as I was walking up to work (In the rain, damn rain) Matt saw me and stoped, offered me a ride to Arby's, which I accepted, considering I'd rather be thirty minutes early then arrive soaking.

We started talking about the apartments and he mentioned that whenever we are ready, he would bring the paperwork by and let us pick out an available one bedroom. I told him that Carrie and I just needed to save for the security deposit. He replied with "Oh, well you can set up a payment plan and not have to pay the security deposit up from, we can break it down and tack it onto the rent." I'm completely psyched about that, not only will we be able to move in much sooner then I previously thought, we could do it with all of our utilities on, and still have enough time to save up for next month's rent!

Also, with the possibility of him breaking the security deposit down ALOT, we could already have part of next month's rent already saved up, or use what we saved to get things switched on! :D

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