Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Blunder of Winrar

The makers of WinRar thought it clever to host a special offer for the users of WinRar, a free, registered, legal download of Winrar to any users whome registered at their website. However, it became quickly clear that Rarlabs would run into some problems, particularly around their webserver, in the mad rush of users to gain this rare prize, the website got hit, hard, and taken down due to traffic, a note on their webpage stating that it would not come back up untill the following day, the 30th, when the special was over. Being as they should have kept their word, the download will be upped on my blog, with the registry key, this is perfectly legal due to the fact that the key is EXACTLY the same for EVERYONE...

Simply unzip the contents and install Winrar, then navigate to the installation directory and copy the .key file into that directory. If this does violate some remote law, it will be removed immedialty..

Download - Rapidshare