Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fix Dead Pixels!

I recently bought a new monitor, 19" LCD flatscreen, needless to say, I was psyched, I got home, put it on my desk, powered it on, connected the DVI cables and powered it on, and there it sat, like a big giant pimple on the face of my monitor, a bright red dead/stuck pixel. Stared at it, considered taking it to the store, but its just one dead pixel and I figured I could live with it. After a while, I couldn't, so I scoured the web, googled for a while, and found something that actually worked, it completely removed my dead pixel off of my monitor. So I'll post exactly what I did so that others can fix theirs aswell.

Things you'll need...

Dead Pixel Fix Video (MP4 Format, quicktime should do it), it basically flashes colors over your dead pixel.

A damp cloth


Step 1) Locate your dead pixel, should be easy to do, just run different colors over it until you spot one.

Step 2) Have Quicktime, or any any MP4 playing program ready, set it to loop, and place it OVER the dead pixel.

Step 3) This one is a bit interesting, you know how you have something on a glass window? A smudge, well, take the wet cloth, and rub the dead pixel like you'd rub a smudge on a window, keep doing this while the MP4 video is playing behind it.

There are risks to this method however, for instance, you run the chance of creating MORE dead pixels on your monitor, its a risk you'll have to take in order to rid yourself of those annoying spots. It seriously took me about five minutes to get rid of the dead pixel. Hope this works for you as well as it did for me.