Thursday, January 04, 2007

No hard feelings

While, I can be quite an outspoken individual, at times this has really gotten the best of me. For instance, recently went through a face lift, and I used a quite colorful array of words to describe how it looked, which I then told the Editor of AXP (of all people). I want to come out and say that the thing doesn't look THAT bad. The new look is unique, for better or for worse, but it isn't as blatantly bad as I stated earlier. So I want to apologize to the designers of AeroXP for the lovely little debacle I gave them, and hopefully in time we can put this mess behind us.

I have also been really blunt to other people, granted I should just keep my mouth shut, I can't, I USUALLY (AXP is a rare circumstance), tell it how it is, to people who really are pretty much responsible for said target of outward vocal bloink. So, to those unfortunate targets of my constructive criticism, I apologize again.

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