Friday, January 05, 2007

Windows Live for TV Review Part 1

First Impression

Going into this, I thought, NICE, Windows Live services for Media Center in Windows Vista. The concept seemed brilliant, take Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Spaces, etc., and wrap it into a nice full screen interface that is Media Center. Where could you go wrong? Unfortunately, unfortunately, as most of the people in the tech community know, Microsoft hasn't had a shiny nice reputation for putting out quality betas, this added by the beta actually going up, WITHOUT THE BETA, which was upped later that evening. One of many frustrating points behind us, and there are MANY. I'll go ahead and start talking about the features, as they become available of course, and try to give an unbiased review of these services, complete with screenshots.

Now, I'm going to share one screenshot with you already, if this is ANY indication on how this review is going to go, and the ability to review such a program, well, I'm going to have a rough night. When I first started the program, and got into the beef of the features, which I'll speak of later in part two of this review, I reached a milestone. I can honestly say, this is the most ram hogging program I have ever run, at all, from Win 3.11 to Windows Vista. Now, I can be pretty sure that this is a memory leak, however, since I cannot be completely sure, let's just say that this is the initial ram usage of this program. Now that you've been warned, I'll go ahead and throw part two of this review up as shortly as I possibly can.

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