Thursday, August 02, 2007

Apple Safari Hits 3.0.3 & Other stuff..

Apple rolls out a new build of Safari for OS X and Windows, featuring many new updates over their previous version. Personally, the difference between 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 is incredible in the performance department. Fixing various hang issues with Safari, especially when starting up the web browser and viewing the Apple home page. I'm unsure wether or not I have written anything about Safari, it might have rolled out during my hiatus. Basically, Apple released this browser, full of bugs and issues, and the Windows enthusiasts were quick to write it off as a buggy, easily exploitable, and down-right nasty to use on XP/Vista. Apple was quick to fix these exploits, considering that the poster took an extremely immature approach to the exploit.

I've actually posted quite a few bug reports to Apple, and I'm very certain that if someone were to write a unique bug that isn't reproducible on a larger number of machines, it'd probably go ignored for quite some time. Not going on a tangent on the beta practicing differences between Apple and Microsoft, so I'll just try to avoid that all together. Anyway, if you're on a Windows machine, or even an OS-X machine, check out the latest beta (3.0.3) from Apple's website. Due keep in mind that it IS beta software, and that with having beta software installed, there always is that inherit risk of something going wrong.

Locker Gnome, A Blogging Service?

Anyway, onto the other thing, Chris Pirillo, in his live feed made a mention about Locker Gnome transitioning to a blogging service that will help users who are serious about blogging, get the kind of attention that they deserve, or need. Honestly, very excited about that, and I'd probably try to get blogging on that website as soon as possible. This blog itself, gets a various amount of readers, mainly from Neowin, and AeroXP, where I place the blog address into my signature. I'd love to get more exposure for this blog, and I believe that the blogging service that Chris was speaking of earlier would be an incredibly awesome approach to get more exposure to my blog.

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