Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A few ways to ease File Transfer Speed woes

Any Vista user will tell you that the file transfer speeds, even with this speed boost, is still painfully, and almost unbearably slow. Let's say you archive some files in XP, to save some space. You're looking at a nearly triple speed loss, regardless of what your machine specs, transferring files from partition to partition, or file archive (.zip, using Vista's default file transfer) to another partition, will be stupidly slow. Being a Vista user myself, I was completely discontent with how this was, so I figured a few work arounds with a couple of applications that seemed to ease the pain.

Firstly, your .rar, .zip, etc. file archives. Do yourself a favor now and download and install Winrar. It is completely unaffected by Vista's craptastic transfer speeds.

WinRAR ~ Unfortunately, it's shareware, it doesn't stop functionality after the trial period ends, it just nags you constantly.

Second application you might want to pick up, is TeraCopy. What this application does is that it integrates into the shell and replaces Vista's file transfer app. This app is amazing in Vista, transfer speeds with it rival that of Windows XP, and might even be a little bit faster. What this application does not cover however, is transferring files from an archive to a portable device, such as a thumb drive. However, due to WinRAR's installation, it first unzips it to a temporary directory, and THEN moves it to a portable device, causing no slowdown using Vista's default file transfer app.

TeraCopy ~ The freeware version is just as good as the Pro version, which has added functionality in the right click menus. You can find the Pro version at their main website, CodeSector.com.

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