Friday, September 07, 2007

New Poll Opened

Well, I received a few comments on how my guide on getting Gmail to work in Outlook 2007 was helpful, then it dawned on me that my layout isn't exactly printer friendly. In fact, if anyone actually tried to print anything from this blog, it'd probably down about half of their available black printer ink, considering the blog's black on grey color scheme. So that's the subject of my first poll for the forum, I know I have readers, the Google Analytics speaks for itself, and people do regularly read my blog, and I'd like to be as informative and helpful as I possibly can be.


If the poll option for creating a printer friendly version wins, I'll create .txt documents attached to each blog post and all the reviews and guides that includes the full unedited article from this blog, as well as the original post date, and links to the pictures. This will be in my opinion a lot easier on inkjet printers and it'll allow readers to print a copy out to keep for a rainy day.


I'd also like to extend a personal thank you for reading my blog, and responding in such a positive manner in regards to my articles. It means a lot.

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