Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh look, an update!

Decided to finally update my blog after a few weeks of nothingness. A lot of things have happened since then, mainly, I became a GM (General Moderator) over at, while it's slow, I can see why they hired me. We were low on staff at the time and my name came up. Anyway, I'm finally able to update this blog a little more steadily now.


Decided to finally bite the bullet and upgrade to Vista completely, despite my past rants on how crappy it is, the bugs are improving, and I have the OS configured to a level of usability that I couldn't do voluntarily. No real bugs or issues, I can feel the speed hit, but that's fine. I've modded it to allow third party themes and currently have it set to Royale, which so far, is a spitting image of it's XP Counter-Part.

Non-tech related,a good friend of mine recently got married, congratz goes to Ryan(BlueScreenOfDeath) & Haley Price.