Friday, November 16, 2007

Canning the review?

Simple answer, not completely. Long answer? Because at the present moment the review would have been used for Stardock advertisement without compensation, which I don't want any part of. I also feel as though I should distance myself from AeroXP, for the main reason that they have no idea who the leader is over there. You have Rob, who is a pretty responsible leader, got nothing against him. Then you have this other person, who ACTS like he runs the place, gets OVER DEFENSIVE when you question him running the forum, and runs his own little drama club in the background. He contacted me yesterday.. "Write a good review, and you get to keep your Expert ranking". I didn't think I deserved it to begin with, but what the fuck? Didn't the admin(s) say that there wasn't going to be anymore pseudo-admins? I certainly don't want to deal with some kid with a power trip, and someone with about 12 hours of MY constant writing flicking it around like it's a damn advertisement. Granted I WILL write a review for TweakVista, it won't be associated with AeroXP, and it'll contain a page or two of information, rather than 10 pages (12 posts) of information.

TweakVista Review Coming Next Week, as well as COMPLETELY free and unbiased reviews.

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Ryan *BlueScreenOfDeath* said...

John you do what you think you need to do but don't let powertripping dumbasses tell you what you NEED to do. Your reviews will be better off elsewhere instead of a place that only cares about themselves.