Saturday, December 15, 2007

Explanation for Stepping Back

The reason mainly for those of you who are wondering, why I don't post in forums that often anymore, or talk or chat about tech anymore, is the community as a whole is corrupted to a dire point where the previously morally high individuals stoop to levels of leaking betas, and blabbing about features that are in an NDA'd beta. The POINT of having a beta is to product test features for a company, that brings a certain level of trust from said company not to divulge secrets about those features, which in turn get in the hands of competitors. Yet, time and time again, and for pretty much the entirety of this community, that trust is betrayed.


There are certain individuals that are sitting on a high level on that community hierarchy, with websites that bring in paid revenue. I'm talking about high up there websites, with high up there people who made this community into their career, which is pretty noble if you CAN deal with it. Ultimately they backstabbed, swindled, leaked,and sniveled their way to the top. These aren't just small forum goers, and bloggers, we're talking a name that's renowned and known within the tech community.


Then you get those individuals who LET it get to their heads, the pre-Madonna types. The type that think that the world revolves around them, and that they're some technological messiah. Yeah, you guys, while better than the individuals who back stab and swindle to get higher up their ladder. They're still quite annoying.


This is by no means an attack in general, but  isn't there a single person out there who isn't corrupt, or is this community doomed to continue on this trend that not only hurts the community as a whole, but paints a pretty bad picture with people who look at the community from a stand point outside of it.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

LoL VGCats

Scott over at VGCats pulls out yet another hilarious flash video for those who played Portal. :D Could get annoying if you have no idea WHAT poral is. :3


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mount Daisen Stream & Information

I recently found this stream of Mount Daisen, located in Honshū, Japan over at Very beautiful place, and the individuals who visit the chat and run the channel or ustream, are the nicest on the internet.



Mount Daisen ~ Wikipedia

Daisen Kingdom ~ Ustream