Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Windows Update Screw Up?

Sorry about the lack of updates, I really had to evaluate the blogs I had, closed a few, and made this my primary tech related blog and article thing for the next couple of years. Now, onto the main reason I've posted here today, Windows Update in Vista, had a bit of  a seizure today, and it could give some insight into what's to come in the near future.


As you can see, new items are available in Windows Update, primarily the inclusion of the Windows Live applications and services. I thought, NICE, now whenever I need to reinstall, I can get my Live applications from Windows Update when I update my 50+ updates for Windows Vista. (Compared to 120+ for Windows XP, plus drivers) I proceeded to install said updates, in fact, the ones marked in the screen shot, only to find that they didn't appear anywhere in my PC. I searched the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Windows Live usually), and nothing. No sign of the installation files anywhere.


Well, they appear as installed applications, now I wonder why they don't appear on my PC. Oh well, I guess I'll cut my losses and attempt to install Windows Live Writer so that I can continue my blog posting. Windows Live Installer picks up that I don't have writer and mail installed, so it installs and completes. Now I go back into installed updates, and it shows up twice. Alright, no harm no foul, as long as it doesn't cause any problems in the future.


I go back into Windows Update to notice that the updates no longer exist, save for the one coinciding with the recently installed Windows Live Writer. This makes me wonder, with the news that Service Pack 1 is coming relativly any day now, is Microsoft prepping for a bigger role in Windows Update for Vista than before? It appears so, as it looks they're working on fixing it so you can download various Windows applications straight from Windows Update itself.

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