Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fix For Core 2 100% Usage

It is now recommended to disable automatic scanner, rather than disable Windows Defender completely, you can get the instructions on how to disable automatic scanning in this post.

Ever wonder why in the world your Vista desktop has suddenly lagged to hell and back, ever wonder what that random SVChost.exe that uses nearly 60MB of ram and 50% (100% of Core 2) is? Wonder no longer, It's only Windows Defender trying to protect you with possibly the worst Spyware protection database in existance! Well no longer, because I'm going to tell whoever reads this article how to disable Windows Defender so it doesn't turn your sleek $1200 computer into an E-Mail machine!

First, press WinKey+R, to bring up the run dialoge, next type in services.msc, and approve Windows Nag (UAC). Next navigate to Windows Defender on the list, if it hasn't already been killed by killing that particular SVChost.exe, then proceed to double click Windows Defender.

Under that nice shiny Windows Defender Properties (Local Computer), and next to the box labeled Startup Type: Choose Disabled. Next, click stop, and then Ok. You'll automatically notice the little defender pop up with basically "OMG DEFENDER IS NOT RUNNING!", ignore it, and download AVG Free Edition 8.0 from or something.


Anonymous said...

Fine tip, i ever use vLited install without component called ?Windows defender? :-)

John-Hiroshi said...

Yeah I used vLite once but it resulted in a broken installation, so I just use the original image that Microsoft gave out as a reward for beta testing Vista.