Friday, May 23, 2008

Offtopic Discussion

Alright, I'm parting my normal tech related material to talk about something that is increasingly bothering me. I browse about various stories on the interweb and seem to stumble upon various websites that tell the tale of atrocities by the United States in Iraq. Mainly, the use of White Phosphorus against military targets and civilians, which is by the way, a chemical weapon. The user of depleted uranium shells, which, by the way, leave the landscape they fight in littered with radioactive material. All this, and the RUMOR of the use of Napalm in Fallujah, which was banned by the United Nations.

I need to explain my position a little bit, I'm an American, I love my country and I'm proud to be one, but what I'm not proud of is the fact that the military uses increasingly contreversial methods of warfare, they they swore that they would never use. They've killed THOUSANDS of civilians, and to this day, Bush won't answer for any of it. Ever heard of the phrase, the buck stops here? Yeah, apparently not in this ass backwards administration.


Now for the news stories to back this stuff up, and the things I stumbled upon to seriously anger me.


Christian Science Monitor Finds Radioactive Material

BBC News: US to use depleted uranium shells

BBC News: US used white phosphorus in Iraq

Yeah, these are why I'm supporting the prosecution of George W. Bush for crimes agianst humanity.

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