Friday, May 09, 2008

OS Chatter

Alright so I admit I change my mind a lot about which OS to have installed on my machine at any given time. Sometimes I install Vista, enjoy it for a week or so, and then move back to XP, or I install Ubuntu via Wubi, and use that for a week or two before removing it, and falling back to Windows XP. The thing here is, the OS that I constantly fall back to is Windows XP, it's good, stable, familiar, and with Service Pack 3, it's even better than before, provided you install newer drivers, unlike me, curious as to why my OS was lagging up, and then finding I had drivers for my RealTek AC HD drivers from 2005.

I mean here I am sitting here now with Ubuntu 8.04, despite my bitching about it earlier, is a relatively solid Linux OS, and Windows XP. Honestly, if you've ever, EVER, wanted to get into Linux, there is no better time than now to get your feet wet in the Linux OS. Canonical's latest offering of Ubuntu comes with a clever little application that will create two virtual disks, one for the OS, and the other for the swap, and install a working, fully fledged installation of Ubuntu 8.04.

If you choose to get Ubuntu going, another awesome application, that is if you have an ATI or NVidia card, is Envy. Go to Synaptic Program Manager, you'll find it under the Administration tools, and search for it. Install it and it'll appear under Other/EnvyNG. Run it and choose your brand (nVidia/ATI), and it'll automatically detect your specific card, search for updated drivers, and install them for you.

Another little thing you might want to get, to have better/sleeker looking desktop, Emerald. Search for it under Synaptic, and install it. Then, go to System, sessions, add the command "replace --emerald" then log out, and log back in, next, visit, and visit the Beryl section. You can import the themes via System/Emerald.

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