Sunday, May 25, 2008

Themers, what the heck?

Guys, I might not be a the greatest themer of all time, infact I'm on the bottom level, I've only made a handful of themes, and those were not that great, but do I seem unreasonable when I ask if the themers could keep in mind that I don't really want to modify about half a dozen files in order to get the theme to look nice? I mean, what if I want to have a different theme? I'd have to go back and restore every single file I modified, and unless I took the time to take note of every file I modified, well, I'm pretty fooked.

Also, do keep in mind that files tend to differ from language to language, for instance, if I'm running the English Vista Ultimate version, and the themer is running the French version of Vista Business, there could be incompatibilities. Also, SP1 just came out, and it could cause serious instability issues. So guys, keep the files down to a minimum, keep in mind that most users want a theme, not a conversion pack-in-a-rar. It makes it extremely difficult to actually use a theme when I need to change the forward and back buttons every single time I try to run a newer theme! So, after going through about a dozen themes, 10 of those requiring massive system file replacement, I'm back to using Aero Default.


Also, yes I'm running Vista again, I figured it was a problem with my chipset, and I downloaded and installed the latest drivers, so far as good.

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