Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Windows 7 So Far

I admit, I do like Windows more than OS X, even though for the past several months I've been trying to get OS X (Hackintosh) to run on this machine, only to find out the chipset isn't compatible. Honestly, I get excited when I hear about Windows 7 coming out, what the MS guys say about it, that it's shaping up to be a pretty decent OS.

Basically, it'll run on a modified, optimized Vista kernel, it will not be a completely new kernel, but it will build on the foundation of Windows Vista, and for those who have been burned by the bug-tastic OS, don't worry, it apparently is leaps and bounds faster and more stable than Vista, even in it's Alpha phase. The recently showcased multi-touch support for Windows 7, which will allow a similar to Microsoft Touch. (That pricey, kind of bulky, semi-useless, massive computer/living room furniture, with a screen on it that has touch features.)

Aside from that, it hasn't come far, and it's release date? Late 2009, with a possible beta any time now. (Hopefully) The main issue I see so far is the user interface, and I'll post some screen shots of the OS below this article. I'm going to be somewhat of an optimist here, I WANT Windows 7 to succeed, mainly because this is Microsoft's almost close to last attempt to get it right, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt when they say that the OS has seen improvements. I haven't had access to Windows 7 so far, although a lot of my tech savvy friends have, and talk nothing but praise about it.(Think of this as a shout-out, youknowwho)

Anyway, now for the UI screenshots that got sneaked out when Ballmer was showcasing maps.


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