Sunday, June 29, 2008

My name is John, and I'm addicted to XP

I've been a Windows user since Windows 3.0, and for a while my OS of choice was Windows 98, even over Windows 2000. A lot has happened since those days, and I find myself using Windows XP, over Linux, over Vista and so on. Why? Because it's dependable, fast and I'm an old fashioned computer user. Sure the eyecandy is nice, but what good is eye candy when you can't be the power user you always wanted to be?

It's true that I change OS as often as my shorts, but I'm a semi-indecisive individual, torn between better functionality, gaming, performance, and eye candy. It's a vicious cycle, and I wish I could just stick to a single OS, or find that happy medium. Here is how it basically always turns out..

Windows XP - Starting from here, it's all good for a few months, but then I get sick and tired of the same old thing, the drag of using a seven year old OS is heavy, despite it's rock solidness. So I install Windows Vista or Ubuntu.

Windows Vista - Vista runs great, if I disable half a dozen "features". Gaming performance is atrocious, but the OS itself is pretty, sort of like the inbred cousin of Apple's OS X. "Glass is purdy." Once I finally get over the hype of the eyecandy and actually try to game, I find myself working around the OS, instead of with it.

Ubuntu - Geek, Geek and more Geek, I use it to try and get a handle for the OS, I get to a certain point of configuration, and I get disgusted with it when I need to spend 15 minutes searching for a solution I could solve in just two minutes on XP and Vista.

Back to XP, rinse and add nauseam.

I'd love to give OS X a shot, and I'd probably find out that I can have my happy medium on that, especially since it allows dual booting of Windows XP via Boot Camp. Alas though, money is an issue. I am tempting to look at the iPod Touch, but I'm waiting until after June for when Apple charges their customers/bitches to add a highly controlled third party platform, of which I'll probably jailbreak the HELL out of it and enjoy my little grey area hobby, emulation. :3

Oh well, hopefully Windows <Insert Name Here> will quench my inexhaustible thirst for performance and reliability. :/ 

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