Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Windows Update 0x80004002 and 0x8024400D Fix

As with the latest trend that seems to plague Microsoft, they seem to keep breaking their own things. Windows XP SP3 is no exclusion to this, from massive reboot errors, to the less subtle breaking of Windows Update. Also, apparently, SP3 breaks Windows Live Installer's ability to install their products as well.. all with the incredibly detailed error message. "Windows Update failed because there is a problem on your computer" .. and that's it. Well, here is a fix.

Press Start, then Run.

Type in REGSVR32 WUAPI.DLL and hit enter, you'll get a little popup saying DllRegisterServer in WUAPI.DLL succeeded.

Repeat that step for these below..


Then try Windows Update again.. it should work.

Next step is to drop this awful company like a rock and buy a mac, that's what my plans are at the moment.


BlueScreenOfDeath said...

You'll be back on vista within a week.

Josh said...

Thanks - I think this fixed my problem!

Harry Levinson said...

You are great... I put a request into uSoft 24 hours ago and they promised me an 8 hour response. I still don't have it. This solved my problem.


Claudio Hidetoshi said...

Thanks, I was getting this error too.

Slartibartfast said...


Anonymous said...

I would still be here trying to fix this next year.......THANKS IT WORKED

Mark said...

Thanks for the fix. Maybe MS will incorporate it in SP4.

Robert - Sweden said...

Thanks a million!
Just did a clean install XP with SP2. Upgraded to SP3 and then win update died.
This was the trick!
Again, thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
I tried severeal other hints
and they didnt work!

Saved me lots of hours.


Warwick said...

August 11. Over two months since you made this post.

I installed XP SP3 yesterday, and it broke Windows/Microsoft/Auomatic Update in the same way.

This is why I use a Mac.

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Had to reinstall XP on a PC yesterday (19 aug 08) and it promptly installed SP3, after which, no other updates would install. I generally don't beat on MS too bad as I know from playing with linux just how tough it is to get everything to play well with everything else all the time. This is a biggie however, and MS definitely should have fixed it - I wonder how many people will NEVER receive another update and have no idea anything is wrong.

Thanks for giving clear instructions on how to put this right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this, i have been looking for a working tek all over the net, and this is the only tek that worked.


doinkies said...

I was also having trouble loading the Windows Update site after installing SP3 and this helped fix it! Thank you for sharing this info, I was wondering why Windows Update wasn't working...