Sunday, November 30, 2008

“Open File Location” Right Click Item in XP

Ever wanted to right click a shortcut and go directly to that shortcut’s originating folder? Well if you’re running Windows Vista, you can do that by default, but for the rest of us on XP, we can’t, until now. Thanks to a simple script that was written by Ramesh Srinivasan of The Winhelponline Blog, you can, and it’s really easy to get installed too.

First thing you’ll want to do, is download the script.

Download the “Open File Location” script – Mediafire

Next, you’ll want to hold down your Winkey and press R, this will bring up your run window, type in %systemroot%.

Once C:/Windows is open, move the script over to your Windows directory and double click, then, just press OK to install. Now, right click a shortcut and verify that you have “Open File Location”.

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Anonymous said...

Good work! I like this feature in Windows 2008 and it's great to be able to have it in XP. Thanks for your hard work.