Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just a hunch… Windows 7 Beta 1

This is just a hunch, and I might be proven wrong, but I don’t think Microsoft’s pool of beta testers will receive build 7000 from Microsoft. As some of you who have been following the recent developments on various other tech community websites, build 7000 of Windows 7 was leaked from a Chinese MSDN account onto various torrent networks, initially by a Chinese tracker, and then onto various other multi-national trackers.

This is the same build that featured that bug in Windows Media Player 12 which would corrupt the meta-data of an MP3 is it’s meta-data is larger. This would clip off the first 5 to 15 seconds of an MP3. Microsoft re-acted by saying that they’d release a patch for it, but then later stated that the build being released to testers will not feature this bug.

Now from what I gathered from this statement, as build 7000 is completed, that since the bug will not be in the build, that could lead to the possibility of a newer build reaching Technet and Microsoft’s private beta testing pool.

Now again this is all speculation, but hopefully I’m right, as I’m sure the testers would rather have a build that didn’t contain this bug, despite whether they use WMP12 or not.

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