Thursday, January 15, 2009

Microsoft Windows, and It’s Failures

If you are currently running Windows XP, you are in a good spot, the very patched, almost, but not quite perfect OS. Vista is probably the worst Windows based OS I have ever used, and I’ve been a Windows user for quite some time, starting at Windows For Workgroups 3.11. I cannot stress how completely terrible Vista is, from the lockups, to the unresponsiveness. To the little nagging bugs, like the breaking of icons that occur not only in Vista but in 7, amongst many others.

So let me stress the fact here.. Do NOT upgrade to Windows Vista, no matter what, trust me, if you do, you will most likely run into an issue here and there. Also, that statement was meant for the “Average Joe User”, not the Beta Tester, or the Microsoft fanboys that frequent many technology enthusiast websites.

As for Windows 7, it depends on how the product is, but it's shaping up to be Windows Vista Second Edition, mainly due to the fact that very little has changed in the UI, a lot of features have been added, yes, the superbar, cool. The various addon things that save me hours of downloading and installing, it’s all packed right in, and the fact that it automatically detects and installs my Lexmak X1300 printer. I like it, but I must retract my statement from before, it’s most certainly not a new XP.

The problem that faces Microsoft with Windows 7 in my opinion, is that it reeks too much of Vista. It looks like it, it carries the same Windows Flag logo, and unless they change that at the last minute, people are going to be confused, and again, I know most of the people in the technology enthusiast community will KNOW that it’s Windows 7, and not Windows Vista Second Edition.

If you have an open mind and plenty of patience, how about you ditch Microsoft completely, and buy yourself a Mac, or if your brave enough, take a look into Linux, they have a great community, and will go out of their way to help you when you have a problem. You might not understand everything they say, but if you let them know that you don’t have a PHD in Geek, they’ll slow down and be patient with you.

Here are a few places to purchase a Non-Windows system.


Dell based Ubuntu Machines – Very VERY well priced desktops

Ubuntu – Convert your Windows machines into Ubuntu desktops.

Ubuntu has incredible hardware support and installation is very easy, if you want to get used to Ubuntu, no need to get rid of Windows. All you need to do is burn Ubuntu to a CD and run it in Windows, it’ll give you an option in Autoplay called “Install Ubuntu Inside Windows” and it’ll create it’s own isolated virtual hard drive and install Ubuntu to it, creating an entry into your bootloader for you, and installing everything for you automatically. Then when you are done with Ubuntu, simply uninstall it like a program from Windows in Add/Remove Programs.

It might be hard, but together, we can prove that there is indeed a life after Windows.

Yes I know that the details into why Vista and 7 are so bad are lacking, this was more of a ranting than a facts Vs. opinions post, I'll write more sooner or later as to what the main issues are, but if you look around my blog enough you'll be able to piece together my absolute disdain for Vista.

As for Windows 7, I do admit it's a step in the right direction, however if you glance at it, it just seems like a rush and patch up job to try and rescue their abysmal Windows product. Who knows, maybe it'll get better later down the road, but at the moment it is not convincing me to upgrade. Also another frustration is the lack of the CLASSIC taskbar, not the superbar's small icon view, but the taskbar in general. The Superbar that replaced it is cumbersome, unintuitive, and bulky. When your superbar actually fills up, with icons mind you, not just active icons, it creates this downward/upward icon infront of the system tray. Of which you must click up and down in order to switch between tasks. Now how is that any better than the regular taskbar, that managed, despite it's age, to handle many open tasks, while having a quicklaunch.

Also, I believe that Sinofsky, senior vice president of Windows, that replaced Allchin, is doing an absolute abysmal job at managing the beta. His arrogance, lack of regard for it's dedicated beta testing team, as well as sencitivity to the community only makes me want to avoid Windows products from here on out. Let me throw the rest of my professionalism out the door and say what's on a lot of people's minds when I say that.. Steven Sinofsky is a Douchebag. He came off as abrasive through his handling of the Office 2007 beta, and the lack of gratitude to the testers that took the time off, time they could be spending with their families, to bug test.

Microsoft also failed to handle the letting go of Jim Allchin very well, they left a lot of things unanswered, and perhaps he was a scapegoat for the failure of Microsoft. Windows Vista's failure was not completely Allchin's fault, and yet, he doesn't work at Microsoft anymore, mysteriously after Vista's release.

To sum it all up, I have a lot of underlying frustrations with Microsoft, and that doesn't even begin to cover most of the things that I can't even talk about, but just being able to get this off my chest without the fear of being persecuted by Microsoft for expressing my frustrations makes this rant a very special one indeed.

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