Saturday, January 10, 2009

New OpenSearch Additions

Working on these again, will add more soon. As always, you can find my other OpenSearch scripts in the directory under Helpful Links. These are only compatible with Microsoft’s new OS Windows 7, which is now in Beta.

CNN – Now you can search the famous news website from within Explorer. (Picture Below) – CNN Website

Rant-Space – Can’t seem to find an article I wrote a while back? No problem, simply double click this to add the Rant-Space Search feature in Explorer.

DL.TV – Being a fan of the weekly video podcast from the guys over at DL.TV, I had to make this. Go check them out for up to date info from the tech from. DL.TV

Disclaimer: These searches are not endorsed by the websites that are featured in these searches, they are created for everyone to enjoy.

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