Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh Neowin, silly Neowin

I find it funny that not even a day after I post a thread on Neowin with OpenSearch, get a lot of people excited about it, release some of my own scripts, that Neowin runs a story on it. I mean I understand it’s a new awesome technology that they totally ignored BEFORE I posted that thread on the forum. They even ignored it when Long Zheng posted his Flickr search script on istartedsomething.com.

Now I’m not whining or whatever, I just think it’s ironic, and I’m happy my thread pushed the technology into the open a little bit more, but seriously, post the thread in the news story or SOMETHING. They totally nabbed everything from the link from my thread that I provided, ignored my thread, my scripts and everything. I mean, WOW.. Goes to prove that I won’t do anything for Neowin anymore.

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