Friday, January 09, 2009

Windows 7 Beta 1 So Far

....This OS is incredible, reduced memory usage that seems to beat Windows XP, better Aero, better in-game performance, very little bugs (They are still there though. :P). Incredible responsiveness, less CPU intensive, less bloat. Running Aero and Aero Basic doesn't effect resources, in fact I still get 450MB of memory usage on my 2GB of ram, even if I'm running Classic.

This is the basic rundown of ram usage I've seen, this is with the same hardware, isn't a benchmark, but just an idea of how things are right now. These are taken when I'm just chatting on WLM and listening to music.

Windows XP idle in Classic - 350MB
Windows XP Classic Usage - 450MB
Windows XP idle with themes - 470MB
Windows XP Ram Usage - 600MB

Windows Vista idle - 650MB
Windows Vista Usage - 750MB

Windows 7 Beta 1 idle - 450MB
Windows 7 Beta 1 Usage - 550MB

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