Monday, April 20, 2009

Good job CNBC

In a CNBC Money installment where they talk about what the better value between PCs and Macs. I’ll let you guys take a look at the video, and make the decisions for yourself.


Alright, pay attention to the graphic on the bottom, this shows the prices of Software on the PC, of which I will include free alternatives that are just as good, if not BETTER.


Original ~ Alternative

Norton Anti-Virus - $50/yr(?) ~ Anti-Vir

Multimedia Software (Vague?) ~ Filehippo Multimedia

Photoshop ~ Gimp

Video Editing ~ Virtualdub

Music Software ~ Winamp

Geek Squad(Are you serious?!) ~ Neowin, AeroXP,

I list those forums because 9/10 times, posting a problem over there will result in some pretty good help. I have a half-arsed list because it’s a half-arsed argument by that toon over at CNBC. While you can’t have the same experience on a PC that you can on a Mac, being used to a PC will probably not fair you so well on the Mac side, and you’re best just sticking with a PC. If you are looking for a PC, give a website called Newegg a try, it should have what you’re looking for, with a reasonable price tag.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Freed Up Some Time

A lot of positive changes, first of all, I beat my gaming addiction to CS:Source, that was eating a lot of my time up. Upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista, and I’m happy as heck with it, meaning I’m totally back into the cutting edge Windows related stuff. With my freed up time I can start writing to my blog on a more regular basis, HOPEFULLY, but not 100% on this, with some more reviews.

Trying to beat a nasty flu bug, with hammering over my head on my roof as the owner of the apartment building started finding random holes in the roof, so he goes and buys some wood, and some new tiles, and begins his work. For about five to six hours all I hear is electric saws and hammering, all with a huge migraine.