Monday, April 20, 2009

Good job CNBC

In a CNBC Money installment where they talk about what the better value between PCs and Macs. I’ll let you guys take a look at the video, and make the decisions for yourself.


Alright, pay attention to the graphic on the bottom, this shows the prices of Software on the PC, of which I will include free alternatives that are just as good, if not BETTER.


Original ~ Alternative

Norton Anti-Virus - $50/yr(?) ~ Anti-Vir

Multimedia Software (Vague?) ~ Filehippo Multimedia

Photoshop ~ Gimp

Video Editing ~ Virtualdub

Music Software ~ Winamp

Geek Squad(Are you serious?!) ~ Neowin, AeroXP,

I list those forums because 9/10 times, posting a problem over there will result in some pretty good help. I have a half-arsed list because it’s a half-arsed argument by that toon over at CNBC. While you can’t have the same experience on a PC that you can on a Mac, being used to a PC will probably not fair you so well on the Mac side, and you’re best just sticking with a PC. If you are looking for a PC, give a website called Newegg a try, it should have what you’re looking for, with a reasonable price tag.

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