Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Windows Live Messenger + Firefox + Win 7 = fixed

According to James Ross at Mozilla’s Bugzilla, you can prevent Windows Live Messenger 2009 (14) from popping up when minimizing Firefox by throwing this very simple fix into Firefox’s About:Config

Type About:Config in your Firefox address bar, click past the warning.

Right click the list, choose New –> Boolean.

Input config.trim_on_minimize into the Window that pops up, then set it to true.


Cronqvist said...

Thanks! That was very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, really useful.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, you can get Windows Live Messenger to work properly under Win7, by running it in a Vista compatibility mode.

To allow Windows Live Messenger to minimize to the notification area, open the folder where Windows Live Messenger is installed (Default: C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger) right click on msnmsgr.exe, choose Properties, go to the Compatibility tab and choose a Vista option.

John-Hiroshi said...

If you put it into Vista compatibility mode you lose the special features WLM has specifically for Windows 7.

casper lives said...

thank's very much for this