Monday, July 13, 2009

Fried Graphics Card

Well about a week ago, I was sitting at my PC, playing Counter-Strike Source, when all of a sudden, poof. Poof in a non-descriptive term, as the events that unfolded in front of my ever widening eyes was a nice colorful flash of polygons screaming as they run away from my character model as other polygons thrash about in a spiked explosive glory. In all my years of playing PC games, I never once had a graphics card die on me with such velocity. This is due to my almost OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), of PC maintenance behavior. Dusting once every two weeks, temperature monitoring, keeping up to date on my drivers and so on. I guess it was just meant to be, although the polygons leaving my character model, leaving a wire frame skeleton underneath was entertaining, the card completely fried, leaving Windows 7 running happily along in the background as if nothing happened, even to the point of still playing my music in Winamp.

So over the next few days I looked over my options, tried to get ahold of Brainwave, they happily told me that my warranty is out of date, and there was nothing they could do, but possibly contact the manufacturer (eVGA) for a replacement as they usually go out of their way to help their customers. So I call evga, the guy was very friendly, he told me my options, and even though the card was out of date, and I never registered at their website, he set me up for a one time replacement warranty, and initiated an RMA. I walk up to the local Ship-It store, and send the card, adorned with bubble wrap, for a whole $13.00 over to eVGA in their Californian based company. Took five days to reach them, so with constant watching of the Fedex tracker, I waited patiently, even though they are pretty lax about updating their shipping tracker.

Thankfully, due to my OCDness, my 10 year old PC runs perfectly fine, and I can use that to listen to music, browse the web, and chat. As well as post to my blog, which I will do right up to the point where I can get my hands on Windows 7 RTM and post my little review on that as I did with Vista. Time will tell when I can actually get my PC up and running, it's just sitting there, looking all sad and pathetic, if a computer can look as such, with a gaping hole where it's GPU is supposed to be, poor thing.

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