Friday, August 21, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 Blog Spotlight

So I sit here, early in the morning, and notice that one of my friends was featured on Microsoft’s Windows 7 spotlight, congrats to him by the way. So I wonder, how did he manage this feat, and I learned that Microsoft has a Clubhouse thing going on. Where you write large articles in the clubhouse and get the opportunity to be featured on their main Windows 7 website.

While it features a pre-approval sign up, which automatically made me think back to my not so friendly articles referring to Microsoft’s failures with Vista, I decided to press forward. Then I stopped dead in my tracks when a friend mentioned to me that Microsoft will not approve a blogger that has had negative posts about Microsoft and about a dozen little red flags popped up with little plinking noises. “Wait a damn minute.”, I think to myself, as I stare at the About Me section of the sign up process, “Why does it matter if I wrote some negative articles about Microsoft?”. Well, I soon realized that the Clubhouse community was a giant advertising campaign that Microsoft is cleverly using their Clubhouse members to deploy.

Don’t get me wrong, the articles are top-notch, and of great quality, which saddens me since they’re basically being used as pawns to promote Windows 7, but look at the elements here. You have several hundred users, vying for that coveted prize of a gift certificate, of which of course Microsoft will place on their main website. Now you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Microsoft isn’t going to post potentially negative articles on their main website. So while the articles are good, they’re horribly, horribly biased, and it discredits the writes in general, who I think don’t even realize their being used to advertise Windows 7.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Monitor Woes, & Office 2010

Well, in an odd twist, my monitor decided to randomly fix itself, although I'm certain that the fix won't hold, and I'm just buying time until I can buy a monitor and hardware upgrade later this month. So, Windows 7 finally became available to MSDN & Technet, so some of those lucky individuals will be able to upgrade to Windows 7, and activate fully. Personally I've been able to activate my copy of Windows 7 x64 after installing it last night. Originally I was intending to upgrade once I got my new hardware upgrades, but my acceptance into the Office 2010 Technical Preview threw a wrench in my plans, and rather than installing and setting up, as well as activating Office 2010 and then having to reformat and lose some information, as well as having to activate again, I would just install it early, set up my email accounts in Outlook and activate my copy of Office 2010.

Posting to blogs via Microsoft Word as far as I know might not be a new feature, but I've been able to accomplish this in MS Word 2010, and absolutely love it, everything in the Windows Live suite, aside from Messenger, has been replaced by this Office suite, Writer has been replaced by Word, with it's blog posting features, and Live Mail has been replaced by Outlook, although the fact that Outlook strips my web side inbox clean when it downloads new mail, and Live Mail didn't do this, is aggravating to say the least. If I ever get over my massive case of lazy, I'll write up a review of the suite, complete with screenshots, but for now, I'm focusing on my hardware upgrades and getting this sudden wave of hardware failures behind me.